Meeting Guests at the Airport:

On arrival to the airport everyone must go through customs and collect their luggage. A WingDing Travel representative will be waiting outside the arrivals pathway with a greeting sign. The guest must present a prepaid transfer voucher to a local WingDing Travel representative to be escorted to the vehicle.

Remark: Please note our staff will be waiting for you. If you cannot make it on time for any reason such as (missing your flight, connecting flight, baggage claim, customs matters, etc) please try to contact us as soon as you can at 829-803-3846 and let us know, so you won’t lose your transfer.

Upon arrival, look for a WingDing Travel Representive only to get your transfer.

Transfering Guests to an Airport:

Your pick up time to the airport will be informed in your transfer voucher at a set departure date.

Please be advised that, in some hotels and resorts, drivers may not be allowed to wait more than 10 minutes in the hotel driveway; hence why we kindly ask you to be checked out and ready to go at least 10 minutes before your transfer scheduled pick-up time.

Make sure you don’t forget your belongings such as passports, money, jewelry, carry-on baggage or your checked baggage.

May you wish to be picked up at another time, at your own risk, please set it here.


If you cannot make it least at 10 minutes after your set transfer time, please contact us thru the hotel Guest Service Staff to our Office Customer Support at 8XX- XXX- XXX so we are informed.


It is mandatory to present this voucher to participate in the tour. Cancellations are only admitted 48hrs in advance. Cancellations do not apply on bookings for the same day or the next. No-Shows won't be refunded unless there's a medical certificate. Wingding Travel reserves the right to cancel any Excursion or change the program of an Excursion if circunstances require it.



Please note that it is our main goal to give you the most outstanding and remarkable experience with our Winding Travel- Airport Transfer Services. Therefore having accurate and up to date flight information for your transfer is very important for us to provide a more efficient service.

Our logistic and transfer operation is based primarily on the flight information you provide to us upon completing your Airport Transfer Booking Form, IF your flight information is not provided correctly it may cause difficulties that may end up losing your transfer, to prevent that from happening, please double check your flight details and put it correctly. If your flight info is not correct, a refund will not apply. Please read thoroughly our Terms of Ground-Airport Transfer Policy before you agree to all terms and conditions by checking OK on this box.